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LESSON PLAN Fisika Internasiona


School                          : Senior High School
Class / Semester          : X  / Semester II
Subject                         : PHYSICS
Competency standards:
              3. Applying the principle of optical instruments.
Basic competencies     :
              3.2 Applying optical instruments in daily life.
Indicator                      :
Identify the application range of optical devices in everyday life.

A. Learning objectives
         Learners can :
1. Explain the usefulness of loops in everyday life.
2. Explain the usefulness of the microscope in everyday life.
3. Explain the usefulness of binoculars in everyday life.

B. Learning Materials
Optical instruments

C. Learning methods
1. Model          :           - Direct Instruction (DI)
- Cooperative Learning
2. Method       :           - Lectures
- Demonstration tool
- Forming a group

D. Activity Steps
a.      Activities Introduction
Motivation and apperception:
- The teacher opened the lesson with a prayer and attendance of students

Prerequisite knowledge:
- How is the working principle of the microscope?
- How is the working principle of the telescope?
- How is the working principle of the loop?

b.      Core Activities
Teacher guides learners in group formation.
Learners (guided by the teacher) discuss the application of various optical devices in everyday life.
Students in each group discuss the use of various optical devices (cameras, loops, microscopes, and telescopes) in everyday life.
Each group was asked to present the results of their discussion in front of the other groups.
Teachers respond to the discussion group of learners and provide real information.

c.        Closing activities
 • Teachers give awards to groups that have the performance and good cooperation.
  Learners (guided by the teacher) to make a summary discussion.
 • Teachers give homework in the form of exercises.

E. Learning Resources
a. High school physics book and (Esis)
b. Relevant reference books
c. Equipment and lab materials

F. Assessment of Learning Outcomes
a. Assessment Techniques :
- Test performance
- Assignment
b. Forms of Instrument :
- Test job picking products
- Task house
c. Examples of Instruments :
- Examples of chores
1.      Make a list of optical instruments and their use in everyday life.
2.      Make one optical instrument props from scrap materials.

   Head Master of
Senior High School                                                           Teacher Subject

Octavia Hevy Kristiana
NIP.                                                                              N
PM 09330277

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