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Example Lesson Plan (Junior High School Smt 2 - grade 3)


                                    School                         : Junior High School .... Semarang
                                    Subject                       : Physics
                                    Class / Semester        : IX / 2
                                    Topic                           : Magnetism
                                    Time Allocation         : 1 x 15 minutes

A. Competency Standars :
4.   Understand the concept of magnetism and its application in everyday life

B. Basic Competence :
4.2. Describes the use of magnetism in technology products

C. Indicators :
1.     Explaining about the magnetic field around current carrying wire (Hk. Oersted)
2.     Shows the magnetic field inside the coil
3.     Describes the Lorentz force
4.     Calculate the Lorentz force formula
5.     Shows some tools that use the principle of Lorentz force

D. Learning Objectives :
      Learners can:
1. Conducting experiments on the magnetic field around an electric current carrying wire
2. Conducting experiments on magnetic field
3. Describes the Lorentz force
4. Applying the formula of Lorentz force (F = B I l)
5. Provide examples of miraculous tool that uses the principle of Lorentz force

E. Learning Materials :
      1. Magnetic field
      2. Lorents Force

F. Learning Methods :
      1. Model:  - Direct Instruction (DI)
                         - Cooperative Learning
      2. Method: - Discussion Group
                         - experiments

G. Learning Model :
      Contextual Learning

H. Learning Activity :

Teacher’s Activities
Student’s Activities
Time Allocation
Opening  :
-        Greeting and Prayer
-        Cheeking attendance

Students prays and answering if called by teacher.
2       minutes
Main Activities :
A.    Eksploration
1.Motivation and apperception
-  The children had never heard of an electric bell?
-  There is a cause electric bell can ring?
2.  Prerequisite knowledge
- An electric current flowing a conductor will cause what?

B. Elaboration
1. Teachers guide learners in group formation
2. The teacher informs that the electric current flowing through a conductor will cause a magnetic field
3. Presenting information brought current carrying conductors are in place in a magnetic field will experience a Lorentz force
4. Each working group worksheets are available
5. In the group of students make tentative conclusions and communicate the group members

1. Teachers test student about ring bells of magnetism
2. Teachers gives students change for ask about magnetism and lorents force

-        Listen to teacher explanation seriously
-        Student asks on teacher about magnetism fild and lorents force

10    inutes
Closing :

1.The teacher gives the Lorentz force exercises
2. The teacher gives a homework exercise

Summarizing about magnetism fild and lorents force
3 minutes

I. Media and Apparatus :
1. Books students: Intan Pariwara, Martin Kanginan
2. LKS
3. reference booksa

J. Type and Instrument of Evaluation :
- Written Test
- Performance Tests
      - Worksheet

K. Reference :
      - Junior High School. Science Students Book. Year IX
      - Other reference that relevain

                                                                              Semarang, 19 October 2011
      Headnaster                                                         Physics Subject Teacher

M. Taufik , M.Pd                                                 Octavia Hevy Kristiana, S.Pd
                                                                            NPM. 09330277

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